To share our experiences with you, we thought it best we each give a little speech about what we did with out staff and share our successes and failures:

Mark Kowalski

Priscilla Fjeldstrom

I have made 2 - soon to be 3 (including one to the students) - presentations to my staff about what we do, what I do, digital citizenship, web 2.0 and how it all will affect the teaching profession.
  • Took time during our local PD days to present to the whole staff
    • Focus of the first presentation was an overview of many things
      • My blog
      • Discovery Streaming Video
      • My wikispace
    • Even in doing this, the amount of time given to me was not enough. I was given 30 minutes for my first presentation but I took 45 minutes - and that was rushing it! My next presentation I was given 45 minutes and I took an hour and a half!
    • Focus of my second presentation
      • Digital Citizenship
        • Integration of Web 2.0 - what is web 2.0, how to integrate it
        • How web 2.0 is being used around the world, nation, province, locally in our division
        • Focus on responsibility and internet safety
      • Internet Safety
        • Videos from Ad Council - really impressed the staff
        • Discussions on what it is and how I have talked about it in my classes
      • Focusing on the Future
        • How technology is shaping our world
        • How we can be part of the change, how we should be part of the change
        • Increasing student engagement
        • Helping to integrate technology into the curriculum
        • How we can deal with issues of resistance and challenges we will face
    • Both were successes - teachers were engaged, interested, excited and intrigued. They had lots of questions and great comments. They were so impressed with the wealth of information that is available to them, that they asked me to show a shortened version of my digital citizenship presentation to the students - of course I said yes!
    • My Student Digital Citizenship presentation is based on what I did with my staff digital citizenship presentation. I am being given 30 minutes on Friday to discuss digital citizenship after the principal and vice-principal introduce our new Student Computer and Internet Use Policy to the students grade 7-12. I will present a shortened version to the grade 6's later on because of time issues.
      • My ojectives of the Student Digital Citizenship presentation
        • Students will begin to understand the need for this type of policy
        • Students will understand the concerns of Internet Safety
        • Students will see and understand the effects of cyberbullying
        • Students will be shown how technology is affecting their lives -as if they don't already know! :-)
        • Students will be shown logical reasoning behind the policy and its implementation
  • I believe that showing my staff these presentations as a whole, was helpful because they all saw the same show - and for me it is important that it happens as a whole because I tend to re-vamp and give almost a different presentation every time! :-) I know the value of one-on-one help - and I hope to be able to get more of this done next year - cannot do it all this year - and hopefully now that they have the basics, they can be less fearful of my helping them implement technology into their curricular objectives!
  • Successes this year
    • Teachers using Discovery Streaming Video in their classes - and loving it!
    • Teachers using online or other technological programs/tools to enhance their teaching
    • Teachers using online programs/tools in general - on their own time!
    • Students using online or other technological programs/tools for projects
    • Students understanding why there are dangers when using technology (especially the Internet), what these dangers are and how to avoid them or steer away from them when they encounter them
    • Teachers and students alike being excited about using technology to enhance learning and education

Mark Kotchorek

I have made 5 presentations to staff at Maymont Central School. Two presentations were done during staff meetings – what the Tech Group is about, what we do, what we are trying to do, web 2.0; and two were done after school targeting teacher familiarity with our school website – particularly teacher pages and how to add, modify, make links, etc.
I was also given time during our local PLC morning ( I am a non-math person), and gathered staff together to review website usage, and answer any questions staff had.
The focus of the first staff meeting presentation was an overview of:
      • Web 2.0 brief overview
      • Discovery Streaming Video
      • Wikis
I was given 20 minutes for my first presentation – not enough time.

Focus of my second staff meeting presentation:
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Integration of Web 2.0
  • Internet Safety
Again – given 20 minutes, and that pushed staff patience.

Focus on the third presentation – after school:

  • Drupal and school website
  • use of teacher home page
  • reminder of email usage
Time – 45 minutes.
Focus on the fourth presentation – after school:

  • school website
  • adding links
  • creating more pages
Time – 45 minutes.
Focus on the fifth presentation – PLC morning:

  • overview of work done to date
  • my blog
  • integrating blogs into school life (ELA Inquiry Unit really helped)
  • Internet safety
Time – 45 minutes.

During my computer classes – Grade 7 – 10 – I continually address tech with students and get input from them as to what they would like to see integrated and what their comfort level is. Student input has helped keep classrooms at a functional level where all students are very close in knowledge and integration within projects.

Sessions with Staff: all were a success to a point.

    • Most teachers at MCS now use the website for homework pages and as a communication tool with parents. Teachers had a lot of questions, but are most concerned with the age old question - “What if it doesn't work when I need it?”
    • Working with the entire staff at once was probably the most important tool to having them incorporate tech into their teaching lives.
    • One teacher now has blogs set up for her students – only because she was part of the Inquiry Based ELA initiative headed by Joanne Kasper and Donna

My objectives for remainder of year and next (if allotted Tech Admin time)

        • Students will all utilize school base email (Grades 6-12) some teachers allow hotmail and have problems getting attachments.
        • Teachers will all make regular contributions to their school pages
        • I will be invited into classrooms to help “scared” teachers use LCD projector and Internet sites within lessons.
        • All students will understand importance of Internet Safety
        • All students will see and understand the effects of cyberbullying (we plan on adding to the presentation Alec Couros gave at our school – but recently found students posting YouTube videos of drunken students on the net and accessing from school.
Successes this year:

    • Teachers using school website and making changes.
    • Discovery of Discovery Streaming Video – limited use so far!
    • A couple teachers using online or other technological programs/tools to enhance their teaching.
    • A couple teachers using online programs/tools in general - on their own time!
    • Many students using tech programs/tools for projects.
    • Teachers and students using tech to enhance learning and education.

Morag Riddell

Beau Vandale