Kodu Game Development

What is Kodu?

Kodu (originally named Boku) is a visual programming environment tool designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone.
Kodu is available to download as an Xbox 360 Indie Game. There is also a PC version in an open beta which is available to anyone at their website.Kodu is different from other projects in several key ways:
  • It avoids typing code by having a user construct programs using visual elements with a game controller
  • Rather than a bitmapped or 2D display, programs are executed in a 3D simulation environment, similar to Alice
Information borrowed from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodu

Communication Production Technology 30

STEP ONE: ~The Beginning~
Time: 1-1.5 Class Period(s)
Open up Kodu on your computer, click on the link below (Boot Camp) and follow along with the text-based instruction manual. You will be introduced into the crazy world of Kodu development. Learn how to add landscapes, terrains, objects, kodus and actions and create your own Kodu World!
Boot Camp - text based starter! Manual
A slideshow starter - a slideshow to help you if you still have questions after watching the tutorials or doing the boot camp!

STEP TWO: ~The Tutorial~
Time: Three Class Periods
Click on the youtube video below to develop your first game! Simply follow the set of 4 tutorials to develop a pre-made game; building it along with the video author! Take your time, develop your kodu world in stages, along with the video tutorial.
CRG - Set of 4 tutorials for your first game - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg_jeN5AcPs&feature=related

~Modify The Tutorial~
Once you are done the tutorial...and the teacher has viewed it with you...
Create 3 changes to your finished kodu world, that improve the game you have made. Show the teacher what you did, and why you think it will improve the game.

STEP THREE: ~The Challenges~
Time: 3.5 Class Periods
Click on the following link: Kodu Planet Challenge your Kodu skills!
Scroll down and click on the challenges box.
After you are done each one, show and explain to the the teacher your completed challenge.
Complete the following 3 challenges:
1. An "Easy" challenge (Tutorial 1, or Tutorial 02 - or if you're feeling confident, try Tutorial 03 v01) This challenge should take you approx. 1/4-1/2 class period to complete.
2. Balloon Challenge or Teleport Challenge This challenge should take you approx. 1.5 class periods to complete.
3. Sailing Challenge or Double Transport This challenge should take you approx. 1.5-2 class periods to complete.

STEP FOUR: ~The Game~
Time: Ten Class Periods
Develop your own Kodu world game!
- 3 scenes (all in the same world, but there are scene changes. i.e. roadway to water, etc.)
- variety of landscapes (terrain and style)
- variety of objects/tasks to overcome before the finish of the game
- variety of tasks to complete - minimum of 8 tasks (length can/will vary)
- playable (easy to understand use of instructions from the kodu character(s))
- an object to win at the end or something to be defeated
- 2-3 kodu characters - who each or all have to interact in some form during the game (cannot be static characters)
- a minumum of 5 minutes of entertainment - (if objective not fully completed by the end of 5 minutes)

Planet Kodu Here you can join forums, ask questions, check out great ideas, and upload and share your games.

Click HERE to download Kodu FREE for your computer!