CPT 20 ~ Graphic Novels
Create a 18-20 page graphic novel.

Cpt 10 ~ Comic Books
Create a 12-15 page comic book.

You need a clear, focused idea that is well organized; it also needs to be coherent and creative. Each frame should be significant and move the story forward. This is done through the showing of action and/or dialogue.

You need:
- a title
- a story (obviously) from beginning to end
- at least 5 characters minimum
- an introduction
- a problem or conflict
- a climax
- a resolution
- (x) number of pages of information (excluding your covers and bios)
- minimum of 5 frames per page not including text boxes
- about 7 text boxes per page
- to keep it school appropriate
- to keep a consistent filtering system and type of format throughout
- front and back cover
- character bios (last page)
- anything else you think will make it creative and exciting!